Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I quit my job for F.I.R.E

F.I.R.E means financial independant, retired early. So I quit my job to retire early. No. No I did not quit my job. But this is how the clickbait works. Most of the news industry are writing their titles like this. Even if its not even true sometimes. All they need is a clickbait. During market crashes they use it a lot. Titles like the sky is falling or sell everything and run. People love to read about weird stuff. Especially negative things.

Noone would read about a dog who bit a man. But everyone would click  and read about the man who bit the dog. Thats how news work. Thats how they make money out of the news. Clicks. This is acctually the first time I did this so lets see how many clicks I get for this weird post.

So what is on the news lately? Oh boy the list is long. Here we go: Extremly higher prices on gas and electricity. High prices on food and everything else in general. The heat in Europe with 40+ celcius. How about burning forests. Violence around the globe. Politics. Market crash. Corona. Monkey pox. Vaccinating time for 5th time. Biden falling off his bike. Inflation. Rate hikes. More inflation. Burning farms. Animals dying for no reason. War in Ukraine. China wants war against Taiwan. Lockdowns. Airports failing. Components shortage. Labor shortage and so on.

Paul Newman has said: Its always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black. Does it makes sence? Yes. When stock market goes down lets say -25% it could definitely go down even more. Most of the times it does. It goes completely to the opposite side as you intended to. Just like in the book One up on wall street from Peter Lynch. It could not go any lower than this, if it does, by every share. My example is Securitas. It did go lower and lower and lower. 

There is only two things to do when it keeps going down. Either you believe in the company that it will go back up and buy as much as you can while its cheap and hold the stocks for a really long time or you just do nothing. Selling is not really an option because it went down already and you still hope it will recover. So log out of your banker and just forget about it. If it does not recover, oh well, at least you did not throw more money in. If it recovers, good. You are still invested.

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