Friday, June 3, 2022

What is Två Månadslöner?

I changed languages from Swedish to English so that more people can read about Swedish (and some other) stocks. In this blogg I even write about savings, investing, money advice and general advice about the economy. The whole blogg is for entertainment only and should not be seen as a financial advice where you should spend or invest your money in. You must do your own research. I even do some stock researches where you can find some inspiration.

Who am I you wonder? I am a 30 year old man working with payroll. I have been invested in the Swedish market for almost 5 years now. I am good at saving and investing. My portfolio have not changed much since I started, I like the Warren Buffett style with a mix of Ray Dalio and Peter Lynch. I am very skeptical about other investors. During the years I found people that I trust the most.

English is not my main language so I am sorry for the mistakes in advance. Me and my wife are living in the small village in southern Sweden, we have a poodle named Lilly and we have a lot of side hustles. More about them in the future posts. We live in a typical Swedish red house with white corners. Most of the house is paid off and we have a car, which is of course, paid off. We really dislike the loans. 

Our home looks like IKEA store, the garden is minimalistic, we do some renovations here and there ourselfs to save that extra money. My wife is working as an engineer and we have no kids. We are DINKS (double income no kids). We been married for over 10 years now and been together for around 13 years.

What does Två Månadslöner mean? It means two monthly salaries. My original goal since I started investing was to make approximatly two monthly salaries in dividens each year. For that I need a portfolio of 1 million SEK. Swedish stocks gives around 3-4% in dividends in general. Some way more, some way less. More about swedish dividens in the future posts. I am posting couple times a week to have some time for myself in between. So that was abit about me and I cant wait to learn more about you!

Can you buy Swedish stocks in your home country? Or funds? Maybe scandinavian stocks from Norway? Denmark or Finland? Would be interesting to learn more about you, where are you from and what would you like to read about in my blog? 

Två Månadslöner


  1. Anonymous04 June

    Nice looking blog! The links (About me, Portfolio etc) don't seem to work properly at the moment though

  2. An excellent idea to write in English. My blog was in English from 2010 when I started blogging until 2015 when I moved home to Sweden from the U.S. for the second time and my voice all of a sudden became Swedish. Good luck to you. Your English is excellent!
    W/r Anneli