Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Vacation in Sweden

Vacation is the best thing ever! My vacation begins today and I am free from work for 4 weeks. The good thing about my job is that I get 6 weeks off, so I am going to have a couple of weeks left for later. On top of that, the collective agreement at my workplace gives around 32 hours of shortening hours, which means I can take more time off. So in total I receive 34 days. Standard in Sweden is 25, some people get 30 days off. Few people get even more than that if the collective agreement says so.

So I work as a payroll specialist, what is that? I make sure that people receive their salaries. In the beginning of the month, I receive the files that includes all working hours, overtime and leave of abscences. I need to fix all the mistakes in the system (for couple hundred people). In total I am responsible for over 1 000 employees, but most of them looks good in the system from the very beginning. 

The mistakes could be that some people have minus vacation days or the calculations for abscence are wrong. I increase peoples salaries, change their emails, register new employees, pay out the last salary for people who quit their jobs, I register the changes to tax authorities and other authorities if they are on parental leave for example. There is a long list of things that must be done during the month. 

So, back to vacation. My goal is to do as much as possible for as little money as possible. I am thinking about visiting Denmark, maybe even Germany. I dont live too far away, so it is more than doable. There is also a lot of places in Sweden that are beautiful and worth a visit. Me and my wife have seen many places here already, so we are thinking about something else now. 

At home we will renovate the basement, it should not cost more than 300 euros. We also need to remove the paint from the stairs and make it look better. The outside space looks pretty good already, maybe some small fixes here and there left. If I have enough time I will even make the carport look better. It needs some more love. The pictures will come to the blog later.

The queues in the Stockholm airport are insane, so I was thinking maybe going abroad during autumn instead. During summer time it is crazy to do something big, since everyone is having the same ideas. I am not a patient fellow and I get angry pretty fast when people are in my way. Having vacation now while everyone else is still working is the best. No queues, good service and pretty good weather already. When do you have vacation and how many days per year?

Två Månadslöner


  1. Min semester börjar också nu, hur underbart som helst. Intressant att läsa om vad du jobbar med. Jag jobbar som specialistundersköterska på lungmedicin här i stan. Tufft jobb sett till vilka livsöden jag får möta men jag trivs som fisken i vattnet.

    1. Att ha semester i juni är underbart, man får längsta ljusa dagar, inga köer vid havet eller i restauranger. Du kan läsa mer vad jobbet innebär här:
      Lungmedicin låter komplicerat, men roligt att du finns, vem vet när man behöver din hjälp! Ungefär samma här, älskar att se vad folk tjänar och att jag kan betala ut dom rätt lön i tid. Kramar!