Monday, June 6, 2022

One of the best gaming stocks in the world

Embracer is an amazing company and I believe everyone should be invested in it. Just like EA, Activision, Take Two or Ubisoft. Embracer is growing so fast its now the biggest gaming company in Europe. Whats so special about Embracer? They have created popular games like Wreckfest, Spongbob, Destroy all humans, Biomutant, Metro, Goat simulator, World War Z, Saints Row and many more. Besides gaming, the company have invested in comic books, movies, board games, VR and mobile games. That creates a nice cash flow and the money is used to buy more gaming companies around the world.

From a small company in värmland, Sweden they grew to a massive gaming company. Since 2016 the stock went up by 1 800% and yet, the stock could go much higher. Recommendations from analysts are between 130 - 160 SEK per share and the stock price now is around 87 SEK. 

In last quarterly report company announced that there is 223 ongoing pipeline projects (games) of which 159 is unannounced. Even over 25 AAA games are planned tp release until march 2026. When I listened to the presentation, everyone was super excited for the future, since the best games are yet to come.

There is many more interesting things happening in the company. In the end of the year 2022 Embracer is planning to make a stock market change from First North to Swedish Large Cap list. Which means big investors will start buying shares. Also, a couple of years ago Embracer mentioned by mistake that Metro franschise is having plans for Multiplayer game mode.

Recently Embracer bought parts of Square Enix games, including Tomb Raider franschise, Thief, Deus Ex and many more. Compared to other gaming companies Embracer is doing very well. We all know that EA is popular for Sims and FIFA, Take Two for GTA and Activision for Call of Duty. Embracer has huge ammounts of games which looks much more promising than other gaming companies. During the years I have bought many shares. You can see the picture below. 

I tried couple of games from Embracer and they were really good. The company tries to release quality games, not like some other companies with bugs and glitches. I believe there is alot of potential onwards, both in sales and creating new exciting games. Around 1,5% of gaming market is taken by Embracer, so there is much more ground to cover. In Sweden there is a few gaming companies, but Embracer is by far the best one in my opinion.

I believe that during the coming years, the company will makes lots of money, invest in other companies, build amazing AAA games, and in the coming years, reach the big dogs like EA, Activision and Nintendo. If you are looking for a great gaming stock to your portfolio, Embracer could be the one. 

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