Tuesday, May 31, 2022

How to make a perfect stock market portfolio

How to make a perfect stock market portfolio? Easy. What I did is that I bought well known stocks, both smaller ones and big ones from Sweden, since I live here. The companies are profitable, they have sales around the world and some only in Sweden. I also divided my money into equal ammounts into every sector. That leads to good returns in a long run.

Each year market changes abit and what was popular 3 years ago is not anymore. I remember forestry was very popular, they said its the gold of the woods. Year after that it was tech related stocks with high P/E of a 50+. Later on it was manufacturing, there was also oil rush, bitcoin, electric vehicles, enviromental stocks and so on. It changes alot. Thats why I have a little bit of everything.

By not doing any changes in the portfolio it gives me better results. I just keep buying and making it as simple as possible. Even if the market drops I rather buy more than sell. No matter what country you are from, you can make a similar portfolio in your country. Buy a good mix of good and profitable companies. Both smaller ones and big ones. Everyone says that between 10-15 stocks is enough. 

I had this portfolio for soon 5 years and I am very happy with it. World index got a big beating compared to this portfolio. There are alot of bad countries with low returns. Sweden is actually a pretty good investment compared to other countries. If you have a possibility to invest into Sweden, check out the most popular stocks like gaming company Embracer, investment company Investor or why not a europes biggest forest owner SCA. Sweden has alot of companies you know, how about H&M? Securitas? Skanska? How about NIBE? 

I love this picture, it shows my returns for the last 4,5 years compared to World Index. The growth is 102% compared to 18%. If I can do it, you can too. I had no experience and havent read a book for that matter. I didnt knew what stock market was 5 years ago. What I did is I started listening to Youtube channels like Phil Town, Financial Education, Investing with Rose, Our rich journey, Graham Stepham, Dave Ramsey and Two Cents. Than I started investing slowly and heavily during crasches. During the years I also read some books but most of them were bad. The one I liked most was Peter Lynch - One up on wall street. If you read that, you dont need any other book.

Oh, before I forget I was to mention that I changed the blog language from Swedish to English to get more visitors and increase my google adscence profits. I also report the profits every month from my side hustles (currently 10 different income streams). More about them later. I hope you like the blog and you will be back soon again! My goal is to post 2-3 times a week and talk about different things that concerns money or investments. You gonna love it, I promise you!

By the way, I dont do crypto or silver or gold or any other coin bs. If your portfolio holding period is more than 10 years, you should have 100% stocks. In the future posts I will tell you more about myself, dividens i receive, money advice and hacks and much more. Stay tuned! 

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    Då blev bloggen på engelska, önskar dig lycka till med att attrahera nya läsare framöver men jag tackar för mig.